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The OEscore simplifies the candidate screening process for recruiters and employers. By employing a skills-based testing approach, we can accurately measure a candidate’s competency to prequalify him/her for the interview. Recruiters and employers save time and costs on the screening process as the OEscore predicts on the job performance. With access to 3000+ questions that we help you customize for any job profile, our service can be easily integrated into your company’s website.

How is the OEscore unique from other assessment tests?

The OEscore measures a candidate’s competency through functional, job-specific questions. Unlike traditional psychometric tests that employ a broad-brush approach to evaluating a candidate’s personality, the OEscore provides skills-based insights as an interview precursor. You are able to instantly narrow down on the right candidates.

Assess Skills in 4 Easy Steps

Save time and money in your recruitment cycle!

  • 1 - Use our ready test API
  • 2 - Candidate takes the test
  • 3 - Quick score
  • 4 - CV review & Interview

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